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Ulverston Fallen: World War I

Ulverston Fallen Information

This page of the website contains our terms and conditions, cookies and privacy statements, along with other useful information.

Privacy statement – for visitors to the site

This website is a non-profit making personal web site. It aims to be a permanent record of the Ulverston people killed in action during World War I.

The only personal information stored is your name, email address, phone number and if required address; information supplied by you when contacting me, using the site’s contact page and in subsequent emails and phone calls. It will only be used for contact purposes and will never be passed to third parties or used for marketing purposes.

Privacy statement – the fallen

Information on the fallen comes from public sources, relatives and others who have known the fallen.

I have assumed that all information on this site is correct. If you think the information on a given fallen person is incorrect, please contact me so I can set the record straight.

If you think some of the information about a fallen person should not be on the site, or you are a relative and do not wish the information to be on it, please contact me.

I have tried to ensure that all photographs used on this site are not infringing copyright. Some pictures are from my own personal archive or those of friends; some come from the public domain; and some come from relatives and friends of a fallen person. If you think a picture does infringe copyright, please contact me so it can be investigated.

If you have any information on a fallen person, please contact me.

Any supplied information will only be used by this web site. If we think that information and photos would be useful for other sites; we will contact you.


Information on this website comes from many sources, hopefully we have permission to use the copyrighted information, especially the pictures.

I do not mind people using the information on this website for educational purposes or their own personal use. Businesses, charities and profit-making organisations need permission to use the content of this web site.

Some information has been supplied by individuals and is not in the public domain. If the individual supplying the information does not want it to be used anywhere else, we will indicate this.

Images on the web site must not be used without our permission. Some pictures on this site may have been supplied from a personal archive for our use only.


The public version of this website does not use cookies.

The filtering function uses local storage to remember your filter criteria. It does not use local storage to store any personal data about you, such as your email address, name, or phone number.

Local storage is a place in your browser where our website is able to store data, such as your filter criteria. We retrieve this data when you next visit our website.

Local storage only exists on your computer unless you move it to another computer, such as when you back your computer up. It is never copied to any of our servers.

This website does not track you and we do not pass any personal information supplied by you to third parties without your permission.

Java script

This website uses Java Script (a programming language) to improve site functionality. You might not have heard of it, but don’t worry, most people haven’t.

Virtually all modern websites use Java Script in one way or another. Some are impossible to use if it is disabled. Most will still be usable, but with reduced functionality. The approach of this site is to allow you to still view details of the fallen, if it’s disabled. However, you will not be able to filter the list of fallen on the detail page or use the main mapping page, both are heavily dependent on Java Script.

If Java Script has not been disabled on the browser you are using, all site functionality is available to you.


If Java Script has been disabled on the browser you are using, the site will have reduced functionality. This is probably because you are aware of Java Script and have chosen to disable it. In order to get full functionality, you need to enable Java Script for this site.

If you haven’t disabled it or know nothing about it, then someone who uses your computer has almost certainly disabled it. In order to get full functionality, you need to get that person to enable it for this, or even all websites.

Version history

The information on this page changes over time; version history:


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The cookies section was changed to add details about our use of local storage.